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LIFE STORY: southern air- yellowcard
Opening Credits: every little thing- hawk nelson
Waking Up: the heat- good with grenades
First Day At School: goodbye graceful- falling in reverse
Falling In Love: all my heart- sleeping with sirens(omg ksdfh saf la )
Fight Song: lover dearest- marianas trench
Breaking Up: begin again- the summer set
Life’s OK: paint you wings- all time low
Getting Back Together: bulletproof love- pierce the veil
Wedding:  contagious chemistry- you me at six
Birth of Child: the anthem- good charlotte

Final Battle: get on outta here- family force 5
Death Scene: the ending- go radio
Funeral Song: hollywood whore- papa roach
End Credits: headlines read out- we the kings

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LIFE STORY: lucky street- go radio
Opening Credits: the reckless and the brave- all time low
Waking Up: toy soldiers- marianas trench
First Day At School:  fire- sleeping with sirens
Falling In Love: the cheap bouquet- pierce the veil
Fight Song: theres no such thing as accidental infidelity- you me at six
Breaking Up: whispers in the dark- skillet
Life’s OK: all or nothing- we are the in crowd
Getting Back Together: astronaut- simple plan
Wedding:  drama queen- family force 5
Birth of Child: already home- thousand foot krutch

Final Battle: devotion and desire- bayside
Death Scene: last resort- papa roach
Funeral Song: sink or swim- falling in reverse
End Credits: im here to take the sky- d.r.u.g.s.

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Opening Credits:
Waking Up:
First Day At School:
Falling In Love:
Fight Song:
Breaking Up:
Life’s OK:
Getting Back Together:
Birth of Child:

Final Battle:
Death Scene:
Funeral Song:
End Credits:

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